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More Leads. More Sales. Everything Set Up and Making Money in 30 Days!

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From the Desk of Ant Hodges
Mr Knowledgepreneur®

More Leads.

More Sales.

What you need is as simple as that. 

Everyone I speak to wants the same for their business.

I could fluff up this page with a lot of waffle and spin to tell you how my team is totally awesome.

I could list the decades of experience.

The $MILLIONS that our clients have generated online

And how much, together, we geek out with funnels, ads and marketing…

…but I'm far more interested in YOU and the challenges you face right now – in order to help you fix them FAST!

  • If you are an AuthorCoachTrainer or Speaker
  • If you have an Online Product or Course – or want to launch one
  • If you want to create for yourself a Membership and grow it into the 1,000's… 
  • If you need to Pivot Your Business Online right now…

…I can help you do just that.

All I need to do is get on a call and chat through EXACTLY how to get your set up and out to market FAST!

And I mean, in days or weeks – not months!

Click the button below, complete a short survey for me and then book a call with me so we can see what magic we can create!

Ready? Set? GO!

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I know that the biggest challenges you face right now are similar (maybe, exactly the same) as many other clients that I am currently working with and speak to daily:

  • The whole technology thing just gives you the biggest HEADACHE in the world
  • When you have that set up and start to market yourself, it's like you're INVISIBLE
  • Your MESSAGE just isn't hitting home, and no-one is buying

I get it - I really do. The frustration, I mean.

You've worked hard to get where you are. You've read plenty. You've attended the courses and learned a lot! You may even have the odd certification or two, and now you're ready to make some money!

But where are you, really? Right now?

I'm guessing not where you feel you should be by now – certainly not where you deserve to be.

You see I know you were sold a dream – just as I was.

Package your knowledge, run your business from your laptop and help the world.

But it just isn't like that.

Very quickly, I expect you've come to understand that you've had to try and become an expert in Facebook ads and YouTube.

You've had to make an attempt at creating a killer social media strategy.

You've had to then step into the shoes of a tech expert and build your landing pages, sales pages, funnels and online courses, all to try and make them look amazing!

And at the same time, you're trying to manage online calls, lives, webinars and all the headaches that go with that.

It's no wonder you forgot to enjoy yourself. It's simply not possible to be an expert in so many areas and still have a life!

Let me bring some level of salvation to your business right now.

If you've created your course (or even if you're in the process of creating one) and you're ready to get some real expertise in your corner to get everything hooked up online and ready to start selling it, click the button below, complete a short survey and then book a call so I can give you the time you need to see how I can help.

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I'm not asking for any money right now. I just want to chat. Everything starts with a little more understanding about you and your business [the Survey], then the Call, and finally, working out a Plan to execute the best implementation plan to see you better market, grow and scale your business.

But essentially, here's what I often propose as a starting point.

My Most Popular Done for You Package:

  1. I will set up a lead capture page for you to collect leads...
  2. ...even helping you to design a great opt in product for you to be able to give away in exchange for their name and email address.
  3. I'll build a long form sales page for your main core offer or product so you can make sales.
  4. An expert positioning website that shows you are the TRUE expert at what you do.
  5. Then link them all together with emails and sequences to take them from one step to the next.

Even getting all the copywriting done for you too if needed!

I'll do this in system called Kajabi – it's the one system I run my entire business on.

If you have it already, awesome - let's get it making you some money!

If you don't have a Kajabi account, when we are ready to dive into the system, I can give you a link to get a free trial and have everything set up before that free trial ends (don't get your account yet!!)

Inside of Kajabi, I will set everything up that is needed.

I will get you to link up, on a Zoom call with me, things like your payment gateway etc.

I will walk you through the whole thing.

I'll set up your product inside of Kajabi and will simply need the content from you (videos or audio) to publish inside for you.

I'll even add all your contacts into the system for you too, so you can start emailing them from Kajabi.

And that's not all!

On top of that, I will get some adverts created for you so you can use them online.

And create a month's worth of social media content for you to start posting on your social media.

The plan is to get all of that done and aim to make your first sale within 30 days.

If you want me to do all of that for you, or just some of it, click the button below, complete the quick survey and pick a time for us to speak on Zoom that works for you.

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I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Ant Hodges



If you need a list of the capabilities of myself and my team… here's a starter list…

  • Graphic Design, Logos and Branding
  • Course Materials and Workbooks
  • Kajabi Websites and System Builds - I am the original Kajabi Geek (Sine 2012)
  • Video Editing and YouTube Marketing
  • Social Media Management and Content Creation
  • Ads Management (Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Linkedin… and more)
  • Coaching and Training
  • …the list is longer!

Some of my amazing clients that I have worked with, many that I still work with, include people just like you...

Tim Peakman

Tim Peakman

Sponsored Profit - Amazon Ads Specialist

Tim Peakman

Lisa A. Romano

Best Selling Author and Breakthrough Life Coach

Tim Peakman

Kevin Wright

Residential Investor Property Finance Expert

Tim Peakman

John MacGregor

Rich Dad™ Advisor and Best Selling Author

Tim Peakman

Bridgette Mayer

Author and Founder of the ART MBA Program

Tim Peakman

Mel H. Abraham

Author and Founder of Thoughtpreneur Academy

Tim Peakman

Alessia Lugoboni

Co-Founder of Lazy Dancer Studio and Professional Ballet Dancer

Tim Peakman

Tricia Dempsey

Life Coach, Mentor and Founder of Thrive-Her

What if you could get more leads coming in, sales generating you cash AND have everything set up in the next 30 days? Let's get started. Click the button below, complete the survey and book a call to see what we could do.

Ready, Set, GO!

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