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You’re serving many people around the world, helping them to overcome the same challenges in life that you have found the answer to and you see them being able to change their own life and the lives of those around them – all from you simply sharing your knowledge and wisdom. And you have time to spend with the loved one's in your life because your business runs like clockwork!

Life can be this way... I have be sharing my way of growing a knowledge based business to those want this and some are NOW living this dream.

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March 4th, 2021


"I hand no idea how to drive my own business. With Ant's help I am now having 6-figure months. "

Shari James RN
Mens Sexual Health Coach

"Using Ant's strategies, we've had an increase in sales and even a couple of 5-figure launches!"

Nic Barrow
The Snooker Gym

"I launched my own online course and made $5,000 - more than I expected."

Simon Banks
Get Video Right

"But Ant! I'm sick of online courses and learning all this stuff, I just want it all done FOR me…"

I get it - building the right online Systems, recruiting the perfect Squad and scaling up with the right Strategies is a hard job to do when all you want to focus on is what makes YOU the Genius - so let my team help you stay in that zone of genius.

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"I'm not getting in front of enough of the right people"

Increasing your visibility is essential if you're going to sell your product.  Our social media and advertising team are some of the best in the business and can help you get your message in front of the RIGHT people without overwhelm.

"My message isn't hitting home - my audience just isn't buying"

Getting really clear on who you're talking to and how to convey your message means you get to help MORE of your audience with your training.  Regular consultancy calls with your mentor will keep your messaging and strategy on track.

"I want to teach and help people - but I don't the hassle of tech"

Building your sales pages, making your product look amazing online and keeping up with the tech is a job in itself.  Our done-for-you service means we take care of the tech so you can concentrate on helping your customers.

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—  Y O U R   C O A C H  —

Ant Hodges

Serving students in his online courses and private clients in his marketing agency, Ant has learned a thing or two about selling information over the last 20+ years of being involved in the digital and internet marketing world.

With his flagship program, Coach on Fire®, he helped coaches transition away from just filling their schedule with one coaching appointment after another and avoid the constant race to the bottom to compete on price with other coaches. Moving towards a knowledge-centred business and creating a suite of online products and programs, enabled many of the coaches he worked with to move towards a business model that enabled them to serve more customers, scale up their income and work far less hours.

The Knowledgepreneur® Academy was born out of the need to serve more than just coaches. Enquiries from Fitness Instructors, Business Consultants, Bakers, Stay at Home Moms, Make Up Artists and even Snooker Coaches came flooding in.

Ant's here to serve those you if you have Knowledge, Wisdom and if you want to create an online business that brings true freedom to create the lifestyle you want!

And to have some fun along the way too!