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Hey friend,

There is a massive problem in the information and knowledge commerce industry at the moment: far too many people are scrabbling around trying to build websites, funnels and systems to sell information online and are getting nowhere fast.

If you are finding that this is true for you, keep reading… better still grab a ticket to this one day event coming up very soon.

Most people that struggle with these challenges look to attend some big hot-shot guru event or buy into some high-priced program that offers them a blueprint for success. The trouble is, they have bought many of these “blueprints” before and nothing has changed.

Sound like a familiar story?

You always seem to be hustling for the next invoice to be paid, you’re chasing leads all the time and still thinking of attending that three day event that you know you’ll just be pitched at all day and end up spending more money.

Keep going like that and nothing will change!

Nothing will change because you don’t need someone else’s marketing blueprint to apply to your business, you need one that will work for you and fix it all... FAST!

Despite all your efforts, and all the money you have spent, that mystical 6 or 7 figure income dream is just that still… a dream. The multiple vacations with the family are still just a dream.

And all of that hustling, night and day, is burning you out!

Becoming a Knowledgepreneur and living the lifestyle that you want, whilst enabling the customers you serve to get the outcome they want, is possible – that’s my story, and the story of many of my clients. We all enjoy more time off, more money and far more happy customers!

I’m Ant Hodges,

For the past twenty years I’ve been working in the internet marketing world and have had a huge focus on information marketing. In recent years I have seen a huge transition away from the traditional information marketing towards a deeper and more engaging need for customers to not just get the information they want but to see real transformation.

This means is that the information marketing tactics of yesterday do not work in today’s digital economy.

In working with Knowledgepreneurs around the world, I help them to see how to create a profitable, multi-productised business that serves them and their customers better.

Today, scalability is all about, digital products, group programs and monthly retained income. This way you don't need 100’s of appointments to fill your diary every month.

Here's what we'll cover in our day together...

Creating Your Integrated Product Suite

What products should you create, how should you price them and start selling them?

Making Group Programmes YOUR Thing

Offering one to one services means you're always chasing time - we'll eliminate that.

Building a Model for Monthly Residual Income

How about getting paid every month, every week or every day! Yes, I'll show you how.

Scaling Up Fast with Marketing that WORKS!

There's no magic silver bullet with online marketing, but there are strategies I'll show you that work.

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The dates listed below are the first dates that I’ll be presenting this content at, so let’s be frank here – there are no testimonials or quotes from others waxing lyrical about these events. I’m not even going to add testimonials from other things, you can see them on my other pages of my site.

There's no false VIP, front of room ticket either. Everyone will be VIP!

These events will roll out and become a regular feature in the UK and USA
during 2020, so for now, you’re getting in real early...

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