To the expert coach or trainer who deserves the very BEST strategies to Market, Grow and Scale their business.


Great Businesses Aren't Born From Buying Another Online Training Course… They Are Built - STRATEGICALLY

There are 9 Essential Business Strategies to Nail Down if You Actually Expect to Create an Online Knowledge-Based Business That You Want! Read on to See How You Too Could better Market, Grow and Scale Your Business Online. Read On To Discover More ⇩

When taking action on Ant's strategies and results like these appear...

"I launched my own online course and made $5,000 - more than I expected."

Simon Banks
Get Video Right

"Using Ant's strategies, we've had an increase in sales and even a couple of 5-figure launches!"

Nic Barrow
The Snooker Gym

"I hand no idea how to drive my own business. With Ant's help I am now having 6-figure months. "

Shari James RN
Mens Sexual Health Coach

...there is no wonder students are sticking around and wanting more from Ant!

From the Desk of Ant Hodges, Knowledgepreneur® 

This Important message is for you ...

The answer to growing a knowledge-centered online business is here, right now!

If the current model you're running is not working. If you’re running expensive and tiresome live events struggling to get bums in seats. Or, if you're hustling to book yourself to exhaustion with one-to-one appointments that just aren't converting people into clients... keep reading.

By moving to an online model, an easier model, I can show you the way to build a successful expert business - because I did it. Plain and simple. is far easier than you think

You’ve probably heard smooth wannabe “guru” promising you freedom and the elusive internet lifestyle … their half truths still haven’t given you the true answers to succeeding online.

You can keep wasting time, money and resources or you could listen to what I have to say right her right now.

You, like tens of thousands of people all over the world, buy into products and programs that offer “THE” definitive answer. They promise to show you once and for all, how to make money online by teaching, training, consulting, coaching or creating products and courses using the knowledge you already have and following their marketing tactics.

"Set up a webinar, run ads to it and get people on a sales call" - that's the advice of those selling high-ticket program sales courses... 

That's the strategy... you don't need to pay for their training now.

BUT... they’re crazy … It’s simply not reality that this "set up and go" strategy works for everyone.

PLUS... It's not all about marketing!

I’ve met with and worked closely with many people who have tried and followed this strategy. They have spent thousands of dollars following "THE" answer … to never achieve anything close to the promised success.

For those that follow... they are deeper in debt, frustrated and embarrassed they made another costly mistake

Step Up, Step Out and Succeed!

What if YOU became a PRODUCT CREATOR and YOU served your audience with your knowledge, with a business model that does not rely on advertising strategies alone?

What if you could deliver the goods and provide the result to your buyers and attract more people to buy your products or services?

And what if you could build a business on stronger foundations and follow PROVEN STRATEGIES to create something that will last far beyond the fad-marketing tactics of the Internet marketers and follow the lead of those who have build successful business in the expert industry.

Once and For All You CAN …Here’s the answer …

Become a true Knowledgepreneur®

The right, SCALABLE business model will give you...

Total Confidence... enter into your marketplace and become known as the go-to expert in your niche. You’ll leave behind any feelings of being less that worthy.

Leads and Sales On Tap...'ll become the hunted and sought out in your marketplace. There will be no more need to go on the hunt for or chase down new customers.

The ability to work less and live more...

...using digital strategies and delivery techniques away from one-to-one coaching, training, consulting or running events, life will be totally different.

Acceptance by your audience...

...with consistent encouragement from your audience who are getting amazing results, imposter syndrome will never darken your door again.

Tim's Story

“Ant helped me shape the knowledge we had around our main done-for-you service offering, into a complete business framework and got me selling it in the form of an online course that made us $15,000 in the first 4 days of launch. Just the time spent on the coaching calls alone is worth the investment of joining, never mind all the content in the members area that he keeps adding to. I am now a true Knowledgepreneur - thanks Ant!”
~ Tim Peakman – Sponsored Profit

Imagine This...

You’re serving many people around the world, helping them to overcome the same challenges in life that you have found the answer to and you see them being able to change their own life and the lives of those around them – all from you simply sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

At the same time you are enjoying the time with your family and friends, travelling the world or enjoying your true passions in life that you wanted to enjoy before you became a Knowledgepreneur® but because you were trapped in a daily grind of serving customers by exchanging your time for money, it was never possible.

Life is good as a Knowledgepreneur®

Life can be this way...

...and I want to show you how!


The 9-Module Step-By-Step, Strategic System Designed to Help You Market, Grow  and Scale  a Highly Profitable Knowledge Based Business... or Your Money Back!

PART 1 - Foundation Modules to Better Market Your Business

Module 1 - Calling

Understanding your true CALLING to serve the world with your knowledge, wisdom and experiences

Module 2 - Customer

Get to know your CUSTOMER and exactly what you can do to get them the result they want

Module 3 - Craft

Then we get busy and CRAFT the best quality products that serve our audience at
all levels

PART 2 - Strategies to grow your business from start-up to success

Module 4 - Commerce

Balancing price, risk and value, COMMERCE comes next - pricing and exchanging your products for MONEY!

Module 5 - Campaigns

Forget promotions, campaign instead with a COUNTDOWN of content and offers over time

Module 6 - Continuity

Serve customers and clients ongoing, stop hunting for customers, build real CONTINUITY in
 your business

PART 3 - advanced strategies to scale your online business

Module 7 - systems

Systems save you stress time energy and money. Defining processes within your business and using automations can be the catalyst to seriously scale a successful online business.

Module 8 - squad

No successful entrepreneur goes it alone 100% of the time. Developing the right team around you to support you and to see if your clients will enable you to scale quicker and easier.

Module 9 - strategy

Strategy is fundamental to the success and sustainability of any business. It enables the business owner pursue the right opportunities and in full view of the Vision set out from the start.

—  Y O U R   C O A C H  —

Ant Hodges

Serving students in his online courses and private clients in his marketing agency, Ant has learned a thing or two about selling information over the last 20+ years of being involved in the digital and internet marketing world.

With his flagship program, Coach on Fire®, he helped coaches transition away from just filling their schedule with one coaching appointment after another and avoid the constant race to the bottom to compete on price with other coaches. Moving towards a knowledge-centred business and creating a suite of online products and programs, enabled many of the coaches he worked with to move towards a business model that enabled them to serve more customers, scale up their income and work far less hours.

The Knowledgepreneur® Academy was born out of the need to serve more than just coaches. Enquiries from Fitness Instructors, Business Consultants, Bakers, Stay at Home Moms, Make Up Artists and even Snooker Coaches came flooding in.

Ant's here to serve those you if you have Knowledge, Wisdom and if you want to create an online business that brings true freedom to create the lifestyle you want!

And to have some fun along the way too!

"Ant is one of those wonderful resources who is full of knowledge, ideas and creativity. I posed a problem and he had not one but several suggestions for a solution so that I could improve my social media strategy and build it into success. He knows the right questions to ask, how to focus, and above all, how to think broadly while working narrowly!"

Michele Rosenthal

“When I first met Ant, I was on the verge of closing down my business and giving up. Now I had a whole new business plan, the confidence that it was going to work, and an action list that I couldn't wait to get started on. I've been given so much motivation to continue with what I firmly believe is my perfect niche and a brilliant business. Thank you!"

Eleanor Barber

“Ant’s knowledge experience and professionalism are unquestionable. For me personally, it is Ant's energy and commitment which I have benefited from the most, in terms of implementation. When Ant is your coach you are held accountable to implement, not just to learn elaborate strategies and fill notebooks with sterile ideas, he works hard to make sure you get out there and just do it!”

Michael-Don Smith


Join Ant in the next class of the Knowledgepreneur® Academy which opens on January 6th, 2021 - Access the strategies and tactics to build and scale your own knowledge-based online business...


Everything that's included is listed here...

Academy Membership
The Complete Knowledgepreneur® Online Video Training
Made up of 9 core modules, each containing multiple lessons, released to you weekly inside your private member area - with accompanying audio downloadable versions to listen on the move.
Yes, included in membership
LIVE Online Coaching and Q&A with Ant
During your 9 weeks of training, you will have the opportunity to get the answers to your questions on any training or implementation you are struggling with – this includes the wider Knowledgepreneur® community.
Yes, included in membership
The Knowledgepreneur® Swipe File
Your training will be complete with worksheets, downloads, swipes, planners, templates and much more… all to assist you in making your implementation faster and more efficient and help you create a complete reference library to work from.
Yes, included in membership
Private Member-Only Community
A brand new Private Facebook Community for all members of the Knowledgepreneur® Community and BOSS Members
Yes, included in membership
A Full Mastermind Session Per Month
Take the Hot-Seat and get dedicated time to share wins, challenges and get the one-to-one support from Ant, PLUS the insight, accountability and support from your BOSS Mastermind members
No, not included in membership
Extended 12-Months Access to LIVE Coaching and Q&A Sessions with Ant
Join the calls with Ant for a whole year not just the 9 weeks of your Academy training.
No, not included in membership
One Ticket to the 3-Day BOSS @ The Beach Event
Mastermind with Ant, specially invited guests and your BOSS Mastermind Members - Location and Times to be confirmed as Covid Restrictions Lift
No, not included in membership
Private Mastermind Check-In Calls
With your small, yet perfectly formed BOSS Mastermind group, you will have dedicated, weekly check-in's to guarantee your questions get heard and to mastermind with other members.
No, not included in membership
2 x Private One-to-One Strategy Sessions with Ant
During 2021 you can book two strategy sessions with Ant and have a private 2-hour session with him to work on your business.
No, not included in membership

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...or Join With 3 x Monthly Payments of $397

Ant's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

"Results come from implementation alone, and that is the ONLY superpower you need to succeed in any business venture. If you complete the 9-weeks of training, attend the coaching calls scheduled for you and implement the strategies shared, I am supremely confident that not only will you re-coup your investment in this training, but be set on a path to build and scale a business that brings in multiples of these Academy fees every month. Should you complete the course, implement and get no results within 3 months completion, you can request a full refund of your course fees which will be paid back to your credit or debit card that you purchased the course on. In the event of any refund, all bonuses, community access and access to the online training will be immediately revoked." ~ Ant Hodges



Join Ant in the next class of the Knowledgepreneur® Academy which opens on January 6th, 2021 - Access the strategies and tactics to build and scale your own knowledge-based online business...