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From the Desk of Ant Hodges,

Hi, I have a short message for you, but it's an important one...

Stop looking for the answer to grow your
knowledge-centred business online - you've found it!

If you have been trying to make money online and have been wanting to move away from that business model you are currently running (that may include running expensive and tiresome live events, trying to get bums on seats and being booked solid with all those one to one appointments) because you know it's easier online, I need to tell you... is more than possible to do that.

You know all those promises made by the wannabe “gurus” who show you their half-truths from stage and get you to buy into a program that still doesn’t give you all the answers you are looking for to create that business you had a vision for, that would bring you the freedom to do what you want in life...

...STOP buying from them - I have the answer for you.

1,000's of people around the world buy into products and programs that offer "THE" answer to finally making money online, teaching, training, consulting or coaching others with the knowledge you have.

Spend all your cash on ad's, run a webinar, sell a high-ticket program and that's it! You're quids in - NOT!

Time and time again, I meet and work with so many people that have bought into these programs, have never achieved anything close to the success promised and ultimately realize that these programs make no one any more successful or richer, other than the product creators themselves. And they are more out of pocket or more in debt on their credit card than when they started.

It's time that YOU became the product creator and it's time that YOU served your audience in a new way that delivers the RIGHT result to all those who buy into YOUR programs.

It's time to become a true Knowledgepreneur®

If you want to make money online, serving thousands of people all over the world, you can do this by sharing your knowledge, wisdom and experiences – the challenge is getting the Business Model, the Product Suite and your Marketing Strategy right.

The Knowledgepreneur® Academy is THE place where you will learn and get all the tools to make this a reality.

Let me show you how,

Knowledgepreneur Ant Hodges

Ant Hodges - Knowledgepreneur®

Tim’s Story

“Ant helped me shape the knowledge we had around our main done-for-you service offering, into a complete business framework and got me selling it in the form of an online course that made us $15,000 in the first 4 days of launch. Just the time spent on the coaching calls alone is worth the investment of joining, never mind all the content in the members area that he keeps adding to. I am now a true Knowledgepreneur® - thanks Ant!”

- Tim Peakman – Sponsored Profit

Imagine this…

You’re serving many people around the world, helping them to overcome the same challenges in life that you have found the answer to and you see them being able to change their own life and the lives of those around them – all from you simply sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

At the same time you are enjoying the time with your family and friends, travelling the world or enjoying your true passions in life that you wanted to enjoy before you became a Knowledgepreneur® but because you were trapped in a daily grind of serving customers by exchanging your time for money, it was never possible. Life is good as a Knowledgepreneur®!

Life can be this way, and I want to show you how!

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—  Y O U R   C O A C H  —

Ant Hodges

Serving students in his online courses and private clients in his marketing agency, Ant has learned a thing or two about selling information over the last 20+ years of being involved in the digital and internet marketing world.

With his flagship program, Coach on Fire®, he helped coaches transition away from just filling their schedule with one coaching appointment after another and avoid the constant race to the bottom to compete on price with other coaches. Moving towards a knowledge-centred business and creating a suite of online products and programs, enabled many of the coaches he worked with to move towards a business model that enabled them to serve more customers, scale up their income and work far less hours.

The Knowledgepreneur® Academy was born out of the need to serve more than just coaches. Enquiries from Fitness Instructors, Business Consultants, Bakers, Stay at Home Moms, Make Up Artists and even Snooker Coaches came flooding in.

Ant's here to serve those you if you have Knowledge, Wisdom and if you want to create an online business that brings true freedom to create the lifestyle you want!

The Knowledgepreneur® Academy
and Community will give you:


A Step by Step Approach to learning exactly what you need to do in order to create the right business model and suite of products to move away from selling your time for money.


The Complete Confidence to go out into the marketplace and be seen as a TRUE expert in your niche and leave behind all of those feelings of not being completely worth it.


Strategies to Launch, grow and scale up in the fastest possible way, avoiding all the shiny objects that may distract you and look like something you “need” to be doing.


A Complete Roadmap and Tactical Plan of implementation for all the things that you need to get done in order to be seen, be heard and to generate sales online.


Full Accountability from not just Ant as your Knowledgepreneur® coach, but the entire Knowledgepreneur® family who will be there to support you on your mission.

"Ant is one of those wonderful resources who is full of knowledge, ideas and creativity. I posed a problem and he had not one but several suggestions for a solution so that I could improve my social media strategy and build it into success. He knows the right questions to ask, how to focus, and above all, how to think broadly while working narrowly!"

Michele Rosenthal

“When I first met Ant, I was on the verge of closing down my business and giving up. Now I had a whole new business plan, the confidence that it was going to work, and an action list that I couldn't wait to get started on. I've been given so much motivation to continue with what I firmly believe is my perfect niche and a brilliant business. Thank you!"

Eleanor Barber

“Ant’s knowledge experience and professionalism are unquestionable. For me personally, it is Ant's energy and commitment which I have benefited from the most, in terms of implementation. When Ant is your coach you are held accountable to implement, not just to learn elaborate strategies and fill notebooks with sterile ideas, he works hard to make sure you get out there and just do it!”

Michael-Don Smith


Here’s what you’ll get in the Knowledgepreneur®
Academy and Community from October 9th:

The Complete Knowledgepreneur® Online Video Training

Made up of 9 core modules, each containing multiple lessons, released to you weekly inside your private member area - with accompanying audio downloadable versions to listen on the move.

LIVE Online Coaching with Ant

During your 9 weeks of training you will have the opportunity to get the answers to your questions on any training or implementation you are struggling with – you'll also be invited to join the wider Knowledgepreneur® Marketing Monthly community calls too.

The Knowledgepreneur® Swipe File

Your training will be complete with worksheets, downloads, swipes, planners, templates and much more… all to assist you in making your implementation faster and more efficient and help you create a complete reference library to work from.

The training inside the Knowledgepreneur® Academy is set up to run as a 9-week online class. The coaching invitations will be sent to you via emails. You will have the ability to submit your questions beforehand to ensure you get the answers you are needing.

Access to Training Granted to Members on January 8th, 2020









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Got Questions? Here's Your Answers...

You get out as much as you put in. Nothing is handed to you on a plate and the work to implement is your responsibility. You get all the tools, templates and guides to make it easier, and the live calls to ask questions, but action is required to get any kind of result. Having said that, these are the top 10 things expected to be the kind of results you'll get...

  1. Super clear on your personal goals
  2. Hone and develop your business vision
  3. Utilise your own knowledge and wisdom rather that have to model someone else's content
  4. Start making or significantly increase sales and profits
  5. Birth a mission-centred business to serve the world
  6. Become super productive and less distracted
  7. Create an awesome personal brand
  8. Grow a tribe of totally raving fans
  9. Learn how to price your products and programs right
  10. Get the tools to implement proven marketing strategies

Here's the universal truth that every business owner knows... Growing a business is hard work. It takes a lot of dedication and investment of finances, blood (not all the time), sweat, tears and time. Your results will be unique to you, and will be directly proportional to your level of implementation.

The Knowledgepreneur® Academy is demanding, challenging and will require you to put in the work. There are no push-button solutions or overnight riches promised or guaranteed results. If you're looking for them, you won't find them here, or anywhere else.

The Knowledgepreneur® Academy is for those on a mission to serve the world first and then enjoy the rewards for their labours, not the other way around. There is no guarantee for results offered.

You have access to the training for as long as you want. The content will be released weekly for you and you will be invited to the Knowledgepreneur® Marketing Monthly coaching calls for the 9-weeks of your training.

You can go through the content each week as the modules are released, inside your secure member area, or you can just work through them in your own timeframe.

This means that if you have a family to care for, a busy job or even if you are on the move all the time and find that being in one place every week for 9-weeks too much right now, you won’t fall behind as the only race you have is with yourself.

Building and growing an awesome business that makes the difference to your life and the world takes more than just 9-weeks. You can log in and go over modules, download and use the worksheets, guides and templates for your own use, as much as you want and as many times as you like.

Recordings of the live coaching calls will only be made available to those who choose to stay within the Marketing Monthly Community after the 9-week program.

After working in the information marketing game of over 20 years, Ant has worked with 1000’s of people with information that want to package it and sell it. With the information world dying out, with people now looking for real knowledge and wisdom, the way it’s packaged and sold is totally different to the information marketing strategies of yesterday. That being said, so many “gurus” out there are teaching outdated funnel based or time-sucking tactics that don’t cut it any more.

Ant’s personal approach to see the success become a reality for every member ensure the greatest possible success for those that join the program. Ant’s in it for YOUR transformation not that of his bank balance. Your success is what drives him to serve you. And his team will be on hand to assist with additional support if needed.

This is NOT just another online training course where you’ll buy and never get the support. It’s built into the DNA of the program. You won’t find anything like it, anywhere else.

With so many students entering the program, Ant has to manage his time to serve everyone equally. Having said that, every member will have the ability in Live group calls to get their time from Ant, and after the 9-weeks is over (if you have completed all the training sessions), you will be invited to book a strategy session in Ant’s diary to have some one-on-one time looking at your business privately.

Following the 9-week program, there will be other opportunities to continue your mentoring from Ant and have the support ongoing if you choose to buy into his mastery or community offerings.

There’s lot that Ant does cover, but there are a few things that he doesn’t. These include, raising finance, loans, investment or borrowing. Ant won’t be covering anything that you should seek personal input from a certified local professional such as the legal structures you chose for your business, intellectual property protection, insurance or anything relating to legal, taxes, accounting or your liability. Find a chartered accountant, tax advisor or legal professional to give you the best advice on all of these fronts. Finally, Ant won’t be giving and health, nutrition or fitness advice. Your own personal trainer or nutritionist will be the best person to speak about these things.

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