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About Ant Hodges

Mr Knowledgepreneur® 

Founder and Creator of the Knowledgepreneur® Academy and BOSS Mastermind™

"I spotted a HUGE problem in the online world."

Starting in the marketing world at the age of 16, designing logos and activity worksheets for my local church, I got bitten by the bug! The graphic design bug. I loved what I was doing, and so a life-long path was in front of me. Jumping from job to job, I learned all about customer service, mixing cocktails at TGI's on the bar and renting houses - I was looking for my break into the world of marketing. It came in the form of a job at an international charity, and in working with them, I could see a massive problem in the online world.

The problem was:
How to engage an audience best online.

Everyone had access to brand new free tools such as social media, YouTube and platforms such as iTunes to publish podcasts. The world had become "Broadcast" mad. Anyone could be a broadcaster with just your phone and an internet connection. In truth, few were being heard.

"A change was needed, and I knew I could be a change-maker."

Those that wanted to serve others, around the world, with their message has means to publish content and try to connect with their potential audience. The completion however was huge. Only those that had massive budgets to put into advertising were the ones that build the following. Those starting out were already on the back foot. I had to change this.

I started following some of the so called “gurus” and unpacking their business models. I joined some of their group programs and invested in one or two higher-level masterminds also. This gave me a huge insight into how to really make an impact in the world with a message, truly serve the gathered audience and make a business out of it.

Working with coaches, helping them to transition away from just filling their schedule with one-to-one coaching appointments, and to avoid the constant race to the bottom to compete on price with other coaches, I started to make my move.

I developed a framework to assist purpose driven, knowledge-centred business owners, to create a suite of online products and programs.

...and so, the Knowledgepreneur® Academy was born!

Out of the need to serve more than just coaches, enquiries from Fitness Instructors, Business Consultants, Bakers, Stay at Home Moms, Make Up Artists and even Snooker Coaches came flooding in. The Knowledgepreneur® Success Framework showed students and members how to better Market, Grow and Scale their knowledge-based business by following three distinct paths:

Becoming the Hunted in the Marketplace

Stopping you from always needing to be on the hunt for new customers, instead being hunted down by an audience that want to work with you.

Positioning the Perfect Offers for Your Customers

Creating as little friction in the process of presenting products in ways that people can find it hard say anything else other than “Yes” to.

Flooding Your Business with Constant Cashflow

The scalability of your business comes though the creation and delivery of products and programs to the world. Consistency is key.

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"My personal mission is to serve 1,000,000 Knowledgepreneurs, so they truly become “on fire” in their life and serve many people around the world with their knowledge, wisdom and experiences."

If you have Knowledge, Wisdom and if you want to create an Online Business that brings true freedom and creates the lifestyle you want, become part of the Knowledgepreneur® family today and let’s make that happen.