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How to Attract People to a Knowledge-Commerce Business Online

audience building Mar 12, 2021
Knowledge-Commerce Business Online

Marketing around any knowledge-commerce business is best done through the lens of thinking in the shape of a funnel; or in other words, a marketing funnel.

This is why there are many people out there that position themselves as a "FunnelHacker" or "Funnel Consultant." In most cases, these people know how to use a specific online software for creating and linking pages, offers and multiple sequences of emails together. That's the build of a System.

But, getting a great, highly converting marketing funnel, that adds value to those who connect with us, and makes us money, is something that few of these tech-geeks can help with to grow our knowledge-commerce businesses. There's more to just being able to set up the System.

Phase one of making any marketing funnel work is all about attracting and engaging with an audience that will want to hear and see us online.

Attracting People Into Our Knowledge-Commerce Business

Here is my four step process for understanding the elements of a high-level functionality of a marketing funnel for any knowledge commerce business.

Step 1 - Captivate

For our conversion funnel to become effective, we must attract online traffic to our website. Building our audience is the first task. We must make it super easy for people recognise our company, brand and offering, then seed the content we post with calls to action to pull them into the top of our funnel.

Step 2 - Curiosity

Once we've got the attention of our potential customers, we have to put some effort in to feed their curiosity. We do this with consumable, bite-sized content that gives real value. A good blog with interesting posts, videos added regularly to a YouTube channel, quick posts in social and even a podcast episode or two... these will certainly do the magic. 

Step 3 - Cravings

We have to remember to not leave people hanging. As we publish content to Captivate and feed their Curiosity, it's about making sure we are giving results in advance of buying from us. Don't just give the "What" and the "Why" in your content, give some of the "How" also. Their desire is to fix a problem or solve a challenge that you can help with, but how about actually demonstrating you can do that, by doing that!? 

Step 4 - Call to Action

When we have engaged and built our audience, we need to invite them in. If we have successfully encouraged them to follow us, given the high amounts of valuable content that engages them and even gives them some kind of starting result, then we need to get them to come over to our site, opt in or buy something. A cold call to action will rarely work, but a warmed up call to action will work so much better.

That's my four step attraction process to start attracting people to your knowledge-commerce business. More to follow in future posts.


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